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they echo

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Q: How you know your phones being tapped?
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Can prepaid cellular phones be tapped?


Can pay go phones be tapped?


How do you find out if your cell phones tapped?

it will have a finger print

Will Verizon tell you if your phones being tapped by authorities?

no but you'll know when your on a call and another call comes in and you see the same person your talking too coming in as a call, not the person calling you at the time.

Can prepaid phones be tapped?

yes, it can becasue you are on a wireless sigal on a network

How do you know if your phone is tapped?

There is no way of knowing if your phone is tapped.

Can you stop your cellphone from being tapped?


Can mobile phones be tapped?

It is possible to tap a mobile phone. That is not to say, however, that such action is lawful.

Can you tell if a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has spyware or being tapped?

Unless you specifically know what you're looking for, you may not find out that your Galaxy Note 3 has spyware or is being tapped. You can download a security app such as Lookout Mobile. It will scan your devise, apps and all downloads and let you know which apps are dangerous or contains spyware.

How do you know if your cellphone is being tapped?

Call yourself from your cellphone. If the busy tone comes late like 5 to 10 seconds or more late know that your cellphone is taped.

Why On my motor home your roof AC compressor is stuck from not being run in a while anybody know how to get it loose?

tried this once with a fridge....tapped it with a hammer...

What has to happen before electronic communication can tapped?

I don’t know

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