How much wine per person?

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depends on individuals capacity to hold it.....ranging from a glass to few bottles

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Q: How much wine per person?
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How much wine to order for 230 guests?

There are 12 bottles / 60 glasses of wine per case. 4 cases would be 240 glasses. Figure one glass of wine per person per hour and do the math.

How much wine can you bring back to Canada from France?

A person can bring 1.5 liters of wine back to Canada from France. That is equal to two bottles per person.

How much wine serves 110 people?

Usually count on half a bottle per person.

How much cheese do you need per person for wine and cheese party?

it actually varys on how much cheese he/she wants. there is no actual answer.

How much wine for 100 people?

There are 60 glasses in a case (12 bottles) and figure one glass per person per hour.

How much wine per person for a dinner party?

Generally you should have 2-3 glasses available for each guest, and 1 bottle of wine comes out to 4 glasses of wine. Hope this helps. :)

How much wine for 150 people for a 2 hour party?

about 75 bottles. est 2 glasses per person and 4 glasses per bottle.

How much wine a person can drink a day?

Two glasses of wine a day.

How much wine and beer should you buy for a wedding of 125 people?

It depends on how many people will drink wine or beer. If everybody drinks wine, then you will need to buy 25 - 30 bottles, 4 - 5 people per bottle. For beer, it is a bottle per person.

How much wine gets you drunk?

Each person will have different tolerances. How much wine it takes depends on their tolerance, and the percentage of alcohol in the wine.

How many bottles of wine for 10 people?

There are five glasses per bottle and figure on one drink per person per hour. I don't know how much your friends drink, so you have to do the rest of the math.

How much wine does an average Italian drink?

The average Italian drinks approx. 14.51 gallons of wine per year.

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