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Q: How much is a nokia 3310?
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When was the Nokia 3310 mobile phone released?

The Nokia 3310 was released at the beginning of this millennium in the year 2000. The mobile phone Nokia 3310 has been praised for its durability and extensive shelf life.

When was made nokia 3310?


Is 133g heavy?

Nokia 3310?

What mobile phone does David Beckham have?

Nokia 3310

What are some features of the Nokia 3310?

Some features of the Nokia 3310 mobile phone are that it has a calculator, network monitor and stop watch. These features were quite at the time of it's release in 2000.

What phone does Robert Downey Jr have?

Nokia 3310 Htc one

What is is silver's cell phone in 90210?

I guess it's a Nokia 3310.

When was the Nokia 3310 mobile phone first released?

The Nokia 3310 was first released during the last months of 2000. It was the first mobile phone that has a chat function similar to ones available online.

Where can one purchase a new Nokia 3310 battery?

New Nokia 3310 batteries are available directly from the manufacturer. However, any retailer that sells cell phone batteries should carry this particular battery.

How many people have an iPod?

408 billion people have an ipod, 2 have a nokia 3310

Best mobile phones in 2023?

Nokia 3310

Can nokia 3310 change into 3410?

These are two completely different phones. One cannot transform into the other.