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Just the beer would weigh about 261 grams or 9.2 ounces--

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2008-09-08 08:24:38
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Q: How much does a half Liter bottle of beer weigh?
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What is an example of a liter?

a liter bottle, or two half liter bottles

How much is half a 2 liter bottle?

Half of a two liter bottle is, rather obviously, one liter.

How much does a half liter bottle of coca cola cost?

A half liter bottle of coca cola costs $1.50

How many Mentos do you need for a 500ml bottle of coke?

For this "experiment" a single Mentos dropped into a half liter bottle will cause it to spout. Diet Coke works best. And a two liter bottle produces more than a half liter will.

How do you separate half liter from an irregular bottle of one liter?

talk the another same bottle and pour into it. and pour it in a same level.

How much milliliters are in a half liter bottle?

500 ml

How many glasses of beer can you get from 5 liter?

you can get 10 half liter glasses of beer from 5 liters. There are about 2.2 pints to a liter so the 10 glasses will each hold 1.1 pints.

How much is half of a 2 liter bottle in ml?

1000 ml

If you have a 5 liter bottle and a 3 liter bottle how can you measure 4 liters?

You can do it in one of two ways. The first way would be to add the 5 liter bottle to the 3 liter bottle, and get 8 liters, then measure half of that amount, which would be 4 liters. The second way is to either add 1 liter to the 3 liter bottle, or remove 1 liter from the 5 liter bottle, which would also give you 4 liters.

How many bottles of water equal 1 liter?

One, one liter bottle. A "bottle" is not a standard unit of measurement. A bottle could be a pint, a quart, a gallon, a half liter, or any other unit of volume.

How many milliliter is in a half liter bottle?

1/2 liter is equal to 500 mL (1 liter = 1,000 mL).

A 2 liter bottle of soda is a little more than 2 what?

A two liter bottle is a little more than two quarts or half of a gallon.

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