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Q: How much do smokers spend on cigarettes a year?
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How much money do people spend in a year for cigarettes?

Some people spend nothing (they do not smoke) while others are chain smokers. Also the price of cigarettes varies round the world so it is impossible to answer this question for you.

How much money on average do smokers spend on cigarettes?

I'm not sure about everyone else but me and my husband spent around 4550 a year buying two packs a day

How much do smokers spend in one year?

If a person smokes one pack per day, they would spend around $2,000.00 a year.

How much money is spend on cigarettes each year?

It is estimated that there is a total of 46,000 million dollors spent on cigarettes each year

Amount of money spent on cigarettes?

No, If you spend $10.00 On cigarettes A Day then In A year you will have Spend$3650.00

How much does an average person spend on cigarettes in a month?

About $50,000 a year and about $600 a month!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many cigarettes are bought a year in Australia?

Australia has approximately 5.3 million smokers: they smoke on average 18 cigarettes per day or a total of 34821 million cigarettes each year.

How much money would you spend yearly if you smoke a pack of cigarettes each day for a year?


How much does the average smoker spend on cigarettes a year?

over £1000 pounds:) and I'm only 16.

How much money on average is wasted by smokers each year buying cigarettes?

people should stop smoking it kills and poullts homes of animals

How much on average do people spend on cigarettes a year?

Answerabout £1820 maybe a little lower____________________________________It depends on what country.

How much does a smoker spend on cigarettes a year in pounds?

Obviously it depends on what and how much they smoke. In any case it is likely to be in excess of £1000 per year

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