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A copy cost 5 shillings at the time

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2015-01-06 11:34:10
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Q: How much did a copy of A Christmas Carol cost in 1844?
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How much did a copy of the first printing of A Christmas Carol cost?

It cost 5 shillings

How much did someone originally pay for a copy of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol?

There were originally 6000 printed and they cost at the time five shillings (UK money)

How much did A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens cost?

It was sold for 5 shillings (British Money)

How much did dickens charge for 'A Christmas Carol?

The book cost 5 shillings in the UK s pre-decimalation money

Why did Charles Dickens sell A Christmas Carol at 5 shillings each?

It was a cost at the time that he thought everyone would be able to afford

How much did the telegraph cost in 1844?

a penny

How many copies of the original A Christmas Carol were purchased that Christmas?

6000 were printed and in the 2 weeks from 17th December 1843 all 6000 sold out. The cost was 5 shillings at that time

What does Scrooge represent in A Christmas Carol?

He represents factory owners and other employers who look to their own bottom line, regardless of the human cost.

Why is the Fezziwig party important in a Christmas carol?

The Ghost wanted to show Scrooge what could be done to show staff appreaciation and which cost little but ment a lot.

What is the moral of the story of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?

Don't be a humbug! appreciate Christmas and what you have don't be like scrooge and just think about the profits, remember he once had a love but he lost her because he was just thinking about the cost of the wedding etc.

What is the value of an 1844 Small Eagle uncirculated color stamp?

I believe you are describing Scott Number 1734, a 13 cent stamp. Issued in 1978, you can purchase a new copy for 65 cents. A used copy will cost you 15 cents. You would be lucky to get 15 cents for a mint copy, as most dealers won't work with a single copy of a stamp at such small value.

Who financed the book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?

Dickens himself for the first 6000 copies sold (in a week) then the publishers saw the demand and took on the cost of reprinting and distribution.

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