How much cigarettes are sold each day?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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About 10 billion cigarettes are sold each day, and approxamately 7 thousand packs are sold a day.

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Q: How much cigarettes are sold each day?
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How many cigarettes are sold each year?

In the US, production and import was 484 billion cigarettes in 2006, with sales of 371 billion pieces for the same year (equal to about 1 billion cigarettes, or 50 million packs per day).

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How many cigarettes are sold in a day in California?

About 980,000 packs. On average 12 cigarettes in a pack. So around 11,760,000 single cigs are sold a day. Half of those yellow-butts are thrown apon the street. Disgusting!

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Approximately 411 000 packets per day

How many cigarette packs are sold in the US in one day?

RE: 400 packs are sold a day. I think you're a little off... in 1998 (which are the only valid numbers I can come across online) there were 451 billion cigarettes consumed in the U.S. That's 22.5 billion packs of cigarettes sold in one year. Therefore: 22.5b / 365 days = ~ 62,000,000 packs of cigarettes per day

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