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The amount of bleach you add per gallon of water to a swimming pool depends on the size of the pool. For a small wading pool that is up to 100 gallons you would add 1/8th of a cup of bleach.

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Q: How much bleach do you add per gallon of water to swimming pool?
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How much bleach to add to a 1 part bleach 10 part water concentration if you have 1 gallon of water?

0.1 gallon of bleach, or 12.8 ounces (just over 1.5 cups)

How much bleach do you put in the swimming pool to kill allege?

2gallons per 10k of water

How much bleach should be put in 1500 gallon water tank to keep clean?

You should never put bleach in water to keep it clean. You can not drink water with bleach and it and any other living thing in it will die.

How much 6.5 bleach to disinfect a 528 gallon tank of water?

One teaspoon of bleach is used to disinfect five gallons of water. Therefore, 105.6 teaspoons of bleach would be used to disinfect 528 gallons of water.

How much bleach per gallon in a pool?

Let's say about 30 gallons.

How much does a gallon of bleach cost?


How much bleach chlorine per gallon do you put in a swimming pool?

If you are raising your chlorine because it is testing low then try 4 cups per 10,000 gallons. If you are superchlorinating your pool then try a gallon per 10K

How much chlorine per gallon is used to purify water?

2 drops of Regular Clorox Bleach per quart of water 8 drops of Regular Clorox Bleach per gallon of water 1/2 teaspoon Regular Clorox Bleach per five gallons of water If water is cloudy, double the recommended dosages of Clorox Bleach. Only use Regular Clorox Bleach (not Fresh Scent or Lemon Fresh). To insure that Clorox Bleach is at its full strength, rotate or replace your storage bottle minimally every three months.

How much bleach do you need to put in your swimming pool?

It is not recommended to put bleach in a pool at all. You put chlorine in them.

If a mixture is one-fourth cup bleach to one-half gallon water how much bleach do i add to 4 ounces?

It's a 1/32 ratio (2oz of bleach to 64oz of water), so it's 1/32 of 4, which would be about .125oz of bleach, or a little less than a teaspoon.

How much chlorine bleach needed for 4646 gallon pool?


What does percent by volume equal?

Just figure out what each word means. Lets talk about bleach (Chlorex) for example. Let's put some of it into a gallon container. How much should we put in? I say, ok, lets fill it half ways with the bleach. Lets finish up by filling the rest of the gallon container with water. Now lets talk about what we just did. We just added 50 percent of bleach to a gallon with water. That's the answer. We have the percent (50%) and we have the volume (one gallon). So we have talked about percent by volume. Hope that helps. In real life always add the bleach to the water, its safer.