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If you use the entire pound it will make one very large sandwich.

If you are practical and slice the cheese into 1 oz slices you can make 16 cheese Sandwiches.

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Q: How many sandwiches can 1 pound of sliced cheese make?
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Jonathan bought 1 3/4 pounds of American cheese at the deli. He used 5/6 of the cheese to make sandwiches. How many sandwiches can he make?

To give you a reference point, 1 pound of meat will make 5-6 sandwiches and 1 pound of cheese will make 10-11 sandwiches. So if you want to take a week's ...

What cheese is best to use for grilled cheese sandwiches?

American cheese is the most common cheese used to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

How many pounds of shredded beef will it take to make 200 sandwiches?

50 pounds for quarter pound sandwiches, or 66.6 pounds for third pound sandwiches.

How sandwiches can I make with one pound of meat?

As many as you like.(:

In the vinegar and baking soda reaction. can you continue to add more and more of one reactant and expect to get more and more product?

No. there will be a time where you have used up one of them. It is like making several sandwiches and the recipe says to make it with two slices of bread, two slices of cheese and one slice of lunch meat. If you only have enough cheese and meat and bread to make 10 sandwiches, adding more cheese will not make any more cheese and meat sandwiches. If you keep adding cheese, it still will not make more sandwiches.

How many sliced cucumbers make a pound?

1 full cucomber

What are some square shaped foods?

sandwiches, some brands of chips, American cheese, sliced pickles and you can cut alot of other foods to make them sqare. --hailie [: Also some Jamakin beef patties, pies and cakes.

How many pounds of lunch meat for 25 sandwiches?

If you need to make 25 sandwiches, use 4 ounces of meat as your rule. 16 ounces in a pound, 4 servings a pound. Therefore, get 6 and 1/4 pounds of meat to make your 25 sandwiches.

How many oz of cheese does it take to make one pound?

16 ounces make a pound

How many sandwiches can you get out of one pound of lunch meats?

The number of sandwiches you can make with one pound of lunch meat would depend on how thick the slices of meat are. You would have enough for more sandwiches if it is cut in thin slices, but not as many if it is cut in thick slices.

How many cups of cheese make a pound?


Laticia has 3 different kinds of breads and 6 different kinds of cheese how many different sandwiches can she make using one typof bread and one kind of cheese?

3*6 = 18 types of sandwiches