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A lot.

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Q: How many people visit Lego land Windsor a year?
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Where in the united kingdom lego land what is the name of the place?


Is there a LEGO land in Manchester?

Well, the nearest Legoland is at Windsor, however there is a Lego Discovery Centre at the Trafford Centre, near Manchester.

Is every thing Lego in Lego land?

yes everyting is lego in lego land

Does LEGO land need water?

This is a bit of a strange question but if you are referring to LEGOland Windsor, England: Along with the obvious requirements for water (drinks etc.), some rides use water and Mini Land has replica rivers, lakes etc. (real water, not lego).

Is there a LEGO land in Wisconsin?

According to the company's website, there are Lego Land Discovery Centers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Kansas City, and Westchester NY. There is also one in Toronto. Some people from Wisconsin have noted that they visit the center in Chicago. I enclose a link to the company website so you can get further information.

Is their a Lego shop in Lego land?


What malls have LEGO Universe?

Lego land

How do you spell LEGO in LEGO land?

you spell Lego with a capital l

Where is LEGO land in LEGO Star Wars wii?

Lego land is in the question mark door. Go to number 5 and build it.

Is there a LEGO land located in Florida?

Yes. You can buy tickets for just Lego Land, or you can buy tickets for Lego Land and the new Lego Land water park both located in Florida. Lego Land is about 45 minutes away from Tampa Florida. For additional info, click on the link in the related links section.

How many rides in LEGO land California?

well if your talking about the whole of lego land then 22

When did they make Lego Land-?

The opening of Lego Land took place on October 5, 2011.