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The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are about 2 billion people worldwide who consume Alcoholic Beverages and 76.3 million with diagnosable alcohol use disorders

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Q: How many people in the World do drink alcohol?
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What do caribbean people drink?

The people in the Caribbean drink many different things such as water. These people also drink a great deal of alcohol.

How many people drink alcohol a day?

That depends on the country.

How many people in Australia drink alcohol on a regular basis?

around 51 percent drink weekly

How many people drink in the world?

Throughout the world, most people drink alcoholic beverages.

How many children drink alcohol every day?

0 children drink alcohol but in medicine there is alcohol so children drink alcohol when they are sick.

Why do the people drink alcohol?

People drink alcohol for so many reasons. One common reason is to escape from the reality. Some drink as medicine thinking that alcohol will help circulate blood to each corner of the body. Some drink to socialize themselves as they can talk without much inhibition. Some consider alcohol as a part of the meals. Remaining others drink to kill themselves.

How many teens die each year from alcohol?

I'd say Hundreds because many people drink alcohol and some don't.

How can alcohol kill the people that do not drink it?

Many people die in traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers.

How many people in the US do not drink alcohol?

aproxamitly 1 to 3 billion in the US.

Can you drink alcohol with epilepsy?

It is not always recommended, but lots of people with epilepsy do drink alcohol. There are many causes of seizures, so different people are affected by different things that can trigger their seizures. There is also the consideration of medication that people may be on. Each case is different. So some people can drink alcohol and others should not. It is best to consult with a doctor.

What are the reasons that many consumed alcohol?

Most people drink alcohol because they enjoy doing so. Relative few choose to drink for its health benefits. During the great depression people were turning to alcohol to get away from their miserable lives, alcohol can lead to abuse if the person is unstable.

Why do people who drink alcohol have to use the bathroom more and can become dehydrated if they drink to much alcohol?

Because their blathers are ready to burst because of when they get drunk they have sex with many random people and when the need to use the bathroom they hold it.