How many people drink in the world?

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2011-12-30 18:43:12

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Throughout the world, most people drink Alcoholic Beverages.

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2011-12-30 18:43:12
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Q: How many people drink in the world?
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How many people drink regular coke?

There is no answer to answer that there are to many people in the world to count who actualy drinks it.

How many people don't have clean enough water to drink?

About 3 million people in this world don't have clean water to drink

Do all Irish people drink?

No. Many Irish people drink, but many Irish people do not drink. It is just a stereotype.

What kind of wine does Paris drink?

Who is Paris? There are many people with the name of Paris in the world.

How many percent of people world wide drink soft drinks daily?


What did people drink during World War I?

What was a popular drink during world war 1 & 2? What was a popular drink during world war 1 & 2?

How many people drink drive?

about 1,000,000 people...

How many people drink coffee in New Mexico?

there's thousands of people drink coffee

Who in Ireland drinks Jameson?

Lots of people in Ireland drink Jameson's. As it is a whiskey, it tends to be a drink that older people drink, so not as many young people drink it as older ones do.

How many people in the World do drink alcohol?

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there are about 2 billion people worldwide who consume alcoholic beverages and 76.3 million with diagnosable alcohol use disorders

What percentage of the world fresh water ready for people to drink?

100%. We can drink all of it with the right technology.

How many people in the world drink alchohol?

people actually start drinking alchohol for the first time every day so there is really never an exact #

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