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12 ounces

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2012-06-05 02:00:19
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Q: How many ounces in a Miller lite bottle of beer?
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How many calories you a miller lite?

There are 96 calories in 12 ounces of Miller Lite beer.

How much cholesterol is in a 12oz bottle of Miller Lite?

There is not any cholesterol in Miller Lite or any beer for that matter.

I have an old bottle that says Miller's beverage co. of Kendallville I assume in Indiana as that is where it was found. Can't Google any history on the company Can anyone help me out?

Miller lite? i looked it up and miller lite is what they gave me is it an old beer bottle? if its a beer bottle its probably Miller lite (just old) This is a soda bottle from my hometown and can be found as Millers,Rainbow & Kendallville beverages not sure on company info(I am a Centlivre beer bottle collector) but could get info from book at Libary if you really wanted it.

When was miller lite introduced?

1973, as Lite Beer from Miller.

How many calories are in a bottle of miller lite beer?

Last time I checked it was 96 calories.

What is the alcohol is in miller lite?


Is Miller lite a light beer?

That is why they call it Lite. It has 60 fewer calories then the regular Miller.

What is America's favorite beer?

Miller Lite

What are the ingredients in miller lite beer?


Who made miller lite beer?

a human

Why is Coors light and miller lite spelled different Specifically LITE . LIGHT?

Lite beer originally came from Mister Brau. Miller bought the names in the 70s. Shortly after that Mister Brau Lite was changed to Miller Lite. The same beer, different name.

What year did terry Bradshaw do an add for miller lite beer?

In 1997 he did a commercial for the Miller Lite inflatable chair.

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