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my pool is concret it 13800 gallons how many gallons of clorine should go in if no clorine is in it

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2012-07-07 12:44:00
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2020-05-15 21:55:59

My pool water is low on chlorine how much chlorine do I need?

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Q: How many gallons of clorine do you put in a pool?
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How do you make water in a pool clearer?

put clorine in. let algae sit then sweep it out with a pool vacuum

How did you find how many gallons in a circular pool?

Several ways:# If the pool is full, you could empty it with a measuring container, preferably marked in gallons, and make a note of how many gallons you take out # If the pool is empty you could fill it with water, taking a note of how many gallons of water you put in. # You could use a 'pool capacity calculator' (Try a pool manufacturer's website). # You could calculate its capacity (Area of a circle times depth) This will give you its cubic capacity. Then find out the cubic size of a gallon. Then divide the pool's capacity by the cubic size of a gallon. The answer will be how many gallons.

What to do if floc does not clear pool?

put arm and hammer baking soda. if your pool is more then 1000 gallons put at least 3 pounds.

How much algaecide do you put into 24ft round pool?

First you have to figure the number of gallons in the pool. Go to: Fill in your pool information and the site will calculate the number of gallons. Next examine the instructions on your algaecide and it will tell you how many ounces of algaecide to use per 10,000 gallons of water per week.

How many sq feet are in a swimming pool that holds 25000 gallons?

As many or as few as you want. There are an infinite number of possibilities. The capacity also depends on the depth. That means that for any shape pool you have, in any size backyard, you can put 25,000 gallons in it by adjusting the depth.

How many clorine tablets should you use in the floater?

you should put 2 or 3 tablets

How much salt do you put in a salt water pool and how do you know when it needs more?

It depends how many gallons your pool is. Once you buy your chlorinating system, the install manual will tell you how much salt to add based on how many gallons in the pool. I have an Autopilot Digital and it tells me when it needs salt. I still check it with test strips to be safe.

How many gallons of water in a pool 18 X 20 feet?

Zero, until you put some water in it. Then ... if the bottom is flat and level ... 224.4 gallons for each inch depth of the water.

How much salt does one pool take?

It depends on the size of your pool. My pool is 18 x 36 inground, approximately 24,000 gallons. We put in 600 lbs. of pool salt, when we started.

How do you decrease the pH in a pool?

To decrease pH in a pool, you simply add pH decreaser. It is best to know how many gallons your pool is, Know the pH level in the pool and also preform a base demand test to determine how much ph- you will need to put in the pool. (you can use muratic acid, but be careful)

How many gallons of gas dose a Chevy 08 truck has?

as many gallons as you put in it

How many gallons can put and a Nissan Armada?

22 gallons on empty>

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