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I dont know the exact number; it depends how much mayo you put in it (mayo has a lot of fat)

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Q: How many calories in one cup of chicken salad with mayo?
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How many calories in a pasta salad with smoked chicken and corn and bacon and mayo?


How many calories in subway chicken salad sandwich?

I just found out that ordered on whole wheat bread without cheese or extra mayo it has 350 calories and it is delicious.

How many calories are in a chicken wrap with mayo and honey mustard?

There are about 390 calories in that.

How many calories are in one cup of chicken salad If it contains chicken mayo celery onion and picked relish It's from Whole Foods?

a usual serving is one cup, at around 440 calories, according to whole foods.

How many calories in egg salad sandwich?

About 500 calories, depending on how much mayo you put in, and how many eggs, But in general, its about 500 calories.

Calories in egg salad with mayo?

For an egg mayonnaise sandwich from Tesco's, there is about 156 calories.

Can chicken salad with mayo be frozen?

yes it can be frozen beacause it is mayonise

How many calories in a egg salad sandwich with whole wheat bread?

It's generally around 500 calories, depending on the amount of mayo. Looking for less? DON'T use as much mayo! But NEVER use reduced or low fat mayo. EVER.

How many calories in a chicken wrap with mayo tomato onion cheese?

It can range from 270 calories to 700 calories according to the type of bread, and mayo and the overall size of the sandwich. See the related link which is very helpful.

How many calories in waffle house chicken sandwich have?

200 without mayo

How many calories in Wendy's mayo?

There are about 90 calories in one serving of Hellmann's mayo.