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383 calories

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Q: How many calories are in 1 cup of tuna salad?
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How many calories in a chicken salad?

There are 186 calories in 1 cup of homemade chicken salad. Chicken salads are similar to tuna and egg salads.

How many calories are in watercress salad?

There are about 4 calories in a cup of watercress salad.

How many calories is in 1 cup of salad?

1 cup of salad (with no dressing) contains about 10 calories, on average.

How many calories are in a taco salad?

It depends on the size of the taco, the ground beef used, how much cheese, any toppings (salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, etc.). On average, though, most regular-sized tacos are about 250-350 calories.

How many calories are in seaweed salad?

There are about 40 calories in 1 cup of seaweed salad.

How many calories in 1 cup of macaroni salad?

On average, there are 300-400 calories in 1 cup of macaroni salad.

How many calories are in the average tuna salad sandwich?

It really just depends upon how one makes the sandwich. For example; one cup of tuna salad has 383 calories -- of course it depends upon what they have put in the salad -- mayonnaise, boiled eggs, onions, etc. . Two slices of bread has about 200 calories or 100 calories per slice. This totals about 583 calories for the average tuna salad. But it depends on how you make the Tuna. Canned Tuna in water has about 40 cal. per serving. A whole can is 2.5 servings. So a Whole can is 100 calories. If you use Low fat mayo it 40 calories for 1 tbsp which is really all you need to mix one whole can of tuna. Which makes it 140 calories. The Bread is where alot of the calories come from. But if you use low fat bread it wont be so bad. Or you can do what I do and Wrap the tuna in a leaf of Romaine Lettuce which is almost no calories! Its so Good!

How many calories in a small salad?

The number of calories in a small salad depend on the type of salad and the dressing used. One cup of a garden salad with vegetables and no dressing is 12 calories.