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150 calories

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Q: How many calories are burned after doing fifty crunches?
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How many calories burned in fifty minutes brisk walking?

depends on how heavy you are maybe 100

How many calories are in bologna and cheese sandwich?

about three hundred and fifty calories

How many calories does fifty sit ups burns?

Sit-ups have to be done briskly in order to burn a significant amount of calories. Fifty sit-ups on average would only burn about 30 calories.

How many calories in 4 ounces of Pinot Grigio?

Approximately 95 to 97 calories. two hundred and fifty

How many calories in a 6oz glass of Merlot?

one hundred fifty

How many calories in blueberry beer?

two hundred and fifty...thousand calories. If your that worried about it then just jump on the tredmill.

What exercise are fifty percent of women doing?

If they're smart, Kegel exercises.

What is two and five hundred and fifty thousandths as a decimal number?

2.55 - Am I doing your homework?

How many calories would you burn if you walked up 32 floors in a corporate office building?

five hundred and fifty seven

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How many calories burned on a nordic track?

Two or more calories are burned per workout. One for getting on the machine and one for getting off the machine, unless you fall off. You can burn slightly more calories depending upon which machine you use and how much laundry you hang on it; typically you will burn about fifty calories per hour when you are thinking about using your Nordic Track. Seriously, you can burn around 1500 calories or an entire Super-Sized Big Mac meal, when you do a fast pace for an hour with the NT on it's highest elevation and greatest resistance. It actually is one of the best cardio workouts, and uses just about every muscle and is very low impact. Paired with cable television, it's even somewhat tolerable. Ellipticals can't even beat it, and it's low impact. On lower settings and a normal pace, you burn around 400 calories, or a quarter pounder without cheese. You can probably work up to that Super-Sized meal in about three months if you're fairly normal.

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