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Q: How many Ipods were sold on the first day they came out?
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How many iPods were sold in 2001?

2,001 ipods were sold in 2001 oh what a coincidence!! :p

When were transformers toys first released?

Transformers were first sold in Japan and then came to the American toy company Hasbro. Hasbro began selling this in 1984 and came out with the feature length movie, Transformers: The Movie.

Where can you purchase an iTunes gift card?

Usually, you can buy iTunes gift cards wherever iPods are sold. Also, most major retailers will carry them, as will many of the average large chain pharmacy and grocery stores.

When and where the first slaves sold in America?

when and where were the first slaves sold in america

Are mp3 players better than ipods?

An iPod is an mp3 player, as it plays mp3 files. Many of Apple's iPod MP3 players have advantages over the lower-end MP3 players. The 30GB and 80GB models can store and display thousands of photos and even full-length movies. But there are other MP3 players that now do the same thing. Many non-Apple MP3 players contain features not found in iPods to date, such as: - voice recording - FM radio - player-to-player communication - plays WMA files (twice the compression) All non-Apple MP3 players work with a very large number of music sources on the Web; they're not limited to Apple's iTunes site. Most sites sell content at lower cost than the iTunes site; and many sites freely distribute some (non-first-run) tunes. A leading consumer magazine found some other MP3 players to be more durable and less failure prone than iPods, but that was before the 2nd-generation players. iPods are likely to remain highly popular for their styling and their revolutionary controls / user interface. And since more Apple iPods have been sold than any other single brand and form-factor of MP3 player so far, they have the greatest selection of custom accessories.