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it depinds on the persons weight and how many bottles they have had

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2010-10-01 19:37:26
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Q: How many 12oz bottles of beer does is it take to be legally drunk?
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How much non alcoholic beer does it take to get legally drunk?

it wont get you drunk

How many bottles of beer are there in an 8 gallon keg?

128oz per gallon, 12oz per "bottle of beer": 128 * 8 / 12 = 85.3 128oz per gallon, 12oz per "bottle of beer": 128 * 8 / 12 = 85.3

How much beer is drunk in the Northern Territory Australia?

around 5000 bottles a day

Where do Roman gods drink from?

they drunk from old beer bottles and plastic cups that they stole from tesco.

How many bottles in red horse stallion beer per case?

there is a 6 pack 12oz cans a12 pack and a 24 pack

Where can you buy delirium tremens beer in Florida?

International Beer Garten16540 Pointe Village DrSte 102Lutz, FL 33558(813) 749-0884 www.IBGTampa.comOn Draught!And in 12oz & 25oz bottles

Why was Red Stripe reduced to 11.2 ounces?

Red Stipe is a Jamaican beer and it is sold almost everywhere in the world. The rest of the world uses the metric system. The United States is the only country that sells beer in 12oz bottles, every where else beer is sold in 330ml bottles which is equal to 11.2 oz's her in the USA. This is the reason that Red Stripe has decided to bottle there beer in the same sized bottles the rest of the world uses. It is not only less beer but less issue creating special bottles for our country.

How much does a beer can weigh?

It can be 12oz or 16oz.

What is the mass of beer in a 12 oz can?


Can you get drunk from beer?

yes you can get drunk from beer you can get drunk from anything with acahol in it

How many bottles of beer per guest?

i say at least 3 but don't get compleatly drunk unless it's your party (^.^)

How many calories are in a Steel Reserve beer?

There are 161 calories in a 12oz beer

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