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1000 years (and counting)

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Q: How long would it take to watch every youtube video?
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How many minutes uploaded to YouTube?

Believe it or not, every minute two days worth of video is uploaded to Youtube. There were 13 million hours of video uploaded to Youtube in just 2010! That's about 1,500 years! There are thousands of years of video on Youtube. It would take you many lifetimes to watch every single video on Youtube.

Where can one watch a video of Booty Poppin?

Vanessa Hudgen's music video for Booty Poppin' Dance can be located on YouTube, Yahoo, Crushable, and Teen. The best place to watch it would be YouTube, as the quality is higher there.

Where can one watch Kraftwerk video?

Kraftwerk's has a channel on Youtube. You can go directly to their channel and then select which video you would like to watch by scrolling down the page.

What would happen if video game characers came to life?

Go to Youtube and watch "If Video Games Were Real" by smosh.

Where can one watch a video of a happy dance?

The best place for one to watch a video of a happy dance would be on the YouTube website, where they have a total of 3,600,000 results for that specific type of video.

How do you watch Charlottes Web full movie in youtube?

If you manage to find a full version of the movie on YouTube, then you can play the video to watch the movie. However, beause it is a copyrighted material, I would imagine that it would not last long on YouTube because the owner of any part of the video, whether it be audio or visual parts of the movie, will be able to send a takedown notice alerting YouTube of copyright infringement. If a video is infringing someone's copyright and somebody claims it to be their property, then the video can be taken down.

How many years do you need to be able to watch all videos on youtube?

Infinite. There are approximately 48 hours of video uploaded every 60 seconds, so even if you never ate, slept, or went to the bathroom, no single human could ever watch every video on Youtube (assuming you watched one at a time, of course). You would need to watch approximately 576 movies at a time, in parallel, just to keep up with the pace of video being uploaded, and even then, you would make no progress towards catching up.

Where can one watch 'Ah Ha Take One Me'?

The best place to watch "Take On Me" by Ah Ha is YouTube. Searching "Take On Me Official video" would find multiple authentic videos on YouTube. An alternate site to watch the music video is DailyMotion.

Where can you watch the music video for We've Only Just Begun by the Carpenters?

There are many places where one would be able to watch the music video for "We've Only Just Begun" by the Carpenters. One would be able to watch this music video on sites such as YouTube.

Is YouTube going to delete every single YouTube video?

As Youtube's reason to exist is to host and distribute video clips, this would appear to be a very unlikely course of action at any time.

Where can one watch the Uncle Kracker video by Follow Me?

One can watch the Uncle Kracker video "Follow Me" through several different websites such as MTV, Slack Time, and CMT. The best website to watch this video would likely be YouTube.

How do i view a YouTube video when its private that sucks?

You don't, that's why it's called a private video. But then again, why would someone make a video and put it on YouTube if they DIDN'T want someone to watch it? They're the stupid ones.