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US high schools and the NCAA conduct short course (25 yards) competition

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Q: How long is a typical high school swimming pool?
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What is the length of a high school pool?

Generally 25 yards but it can be 50 yard or 50 meters. 50 meter pools are used in the long course season of club swimming. High school swimming would be done in a 25 yard pool.

Length of high school swimming pool?

There are many different lengths. Many pools are 25 yards long. Some can go up to 50 meter long.

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How far to the end of the pool do swimming lanes go?

A Typical swimming meet pool is 25 yards long. In the summer, long distance is swam which is a 50 meter pool. Long distance pools are used in the Olympics

Is swimming a summer or winter sport?

Swimming is a year round sport. For youth club swimming and professionals, it's basically always going. In high schools, (this could be different depending the state, but i'm not sure) girls high school swim season is in the fall and boys high school season is in the winter. During the year, it's usually short course swimming, and the summer season is long course. Also in the summer is country club swimming, but that's not really competitive swimming in most cases, just a bunch of rich kids who call themselves swimmers and mess around.

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