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It varies strain to strain but on average in soil 25-45 days for vegging and 45-60 days for flowering. So around 70-105 days total.

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Q: How long does is take to grow marijuana?
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How long does it take for marijuana to grow ouside?

too long!

How long from seed to a mature marijuana plant?

Why would you want to grow marijuana but it can take up to 5 months

How long does it take for marijuana to grow?

The average time it takes to grow a marijuana plant is about three months. It depends on the variety, growing conditions and other factors, though, and could take as long as seven months.

How long will it take for a marijuana plant to grow?

around 2-3 months

How long does it take for marijuana to completely grow out of your hair?

If you're growing marijuana in your har you're doing something wrong.

Does marijuana grow good in Oklahoma?

Marijuana grows everywhere... because people grow it!! as long as you have seeds for it and know how to plant it

How long does it take to pass a drug screen for marijuana?

Not long at all if you have not used marijuana.

How long it take to grow marijuana?

2 to 4 months depending on lighting,oxygen,water, and soil. if you mean to harvest buds.

How long does it take for a plant to get its first marijuana leaf?

Most weeds grow their first leaves 2-3 days after sprouting.

How long for marijuana plant to grow using mirical grow?

Lol, Miracle grow is for garden weeds. Not weed that you smoke. If you do use it for marijuana, it'll ruin it.. because of toxic chemicals.

How long will it take to get marijuana out of your saliva?

marijuana does not get into your saliva but you can take the taste out of your mouth using any mint

How long does it take to get addicted to marijuana?

marijuana is a non addictive plant. you can not become physicaly addicted to marijuana.

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