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Smoke triggers an allergic reaction thus narrowing the bronchi. But I don't believe that a person who suffers Asthma could smoke.

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Q: How does smoking affect an asthma sufferer?
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How can your chances of asthma increase?

im an asthma sufferer and when i was younger i only had very mild asthma and only needed to use my inhaler whenever i had a cold. then i started smoking and now i have to use my inhaler atleast 5 times a day maybe more depending on how much i smoke, i also cannot participate in many sports because of this. smoking does make at alot worse and can reduce your whole motivation if you have asthma.

Can you get cancer from smoking with asthma?

Just by smoking you can get cancer. Asthma just makes it worse faster.

How can anorexia affect the sufferer and others?

What impact does anorexia nervosa have on the sufferer

Does smoking effect asthma?

it does

Does smoking cause asthma?


What are the examples of proverbs about no smoking?

A chain-smoker is the worst sufferer.

What happens if someone smoke around kids?

seond hand smoking it will be as if the kids were the one smoking and it will affect the development of thier lungs and may result in them getting asthma

Why is asthma bad for you?

Asthma is bad for a person because it is a disease. This lung disease inflames and narrow the airways, making it hard for the sufferer to breathe.

What prevents asthma attacks?


Can smoking worsen asthma?

yes of course

What typical signs does asthma have?

The asthma sufferer will have shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. This is caused by bronchospasm or muscle tightening around the airways where the lining becomes inflamed.

What is asthma caused by?

its a genetic disorder...or can be caused by smoking/2nd hand smoking

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