How does alcohol affect your driving?

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Alcohol has been proven to slow your reaction time, vision, concentration, comprehension, coordination and perception. These coupled, impair a driver from safely driving and staying alert while on the road.

But with that said, how exactly does alcohol do this to your body? Alcohol is absorbed into your blood stream once taken and affects your body functions.This of course, does depend on how much alcohol one has had.

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Q: How does alcohol affect your driving?
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How does alcohol affect you when you are driving a boat?

The same way it does when you are driving a car

How many drinks of alcohol does it take to affect your driving?


What is the lowest blood alcohol level that has been shown to affect divided attention while driving?

A blood alcohol level as low as 0.1 has been shown to affect divided attention while driving.

How many alcoholic beverages does it take to affect a person's driving performance?

it depengs on how much alcohol is in the drink

How does consuming alcohol affect a persons driving ability?

becuase, alchohal will cause you not to think to the best of your ability and you will not be alert

How does consumption of alcohol affect your driving skills Name three ways that alcohol can affect your driving?

1. If you have had to much alcohol and you are drunk it will make you go loopy. 2. You cant control your actions and words when you are drunk. 3. I CANT THINK OF ONE. If you ever get to go on the life education bus then you will learn about it othen reply for the last awnser.

Does temperature affect the weight of alcohol?

yes, it do affect the alcohol

How does alcohol use affect boat operation?

Alcohol slows your reaction time. It also reduces your logic and common sense so you do stupid things. Driving a boat when drunk is the same as driving a car when drunk - not smart and not allowed legally.

Does alcohol affect Mirena?

Alcohol does not affect how well Mirena works.

How does alcohol affect your cholesterol?

alcohol affect your cholesterol it incise hdl

Can alcohol affect you mentally?

Yes, alcohol can affect you mentally. Alcohol has the ability to affect how fast you process information, and how logically you think and decide.

does alcohol affect period flow?

The alcohol in not known to affect the flow of menstruation.

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