How do you video chat on Facebook?

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2016-02-27 05:29:53

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On the right top of the chat box it shows a video camera .

click the video camera.

then install the software

finally you could video chat

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2016-02-27 05:29:53
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Q: How do you video chat on Facebook?
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Can you video chat on facebook without a camera?

No you cannot do video chat on Facebook without web cam. Video Chat = Camera Chat

Can you video chat on Facebook?


Can you use video chat in Facebook for an iPad?

Yes you can, you click whoever is on chat and click the little film camera on it. Then you can video chat on Facebook

Can you video chat on Facebook with someone who is not a Facebook friend?

Well, kind of. there is a thing on Facebook called My Yearbook and you can video chat with a bunch of people that aren't your friends.

How do you get a video chat with Selena Gomez?

Go on FaceBook and add her, and ask her if you can video chat with her. :) lol

What are the websites to video chat?

There is Skype or if you have a Facebook there is Tinychat!

Where can you VIDEO chat with Dylan Sprouse?

maybe on facebook

How do you chat on Facebook on an iPad?

u log on2 facebook, then u ask someone 2 video chat by posting it.

Can you chat face to face on Facebook?

Well, you can video chat by going on apps on Facebook such as Tinychat, FriendCameo, etc. Hope this helped :)

When is mindless behavior in video chat in facebook?

All the time

How can friends chat now on Facebook?

There is Facebook chat that allows you to speak with anyone among your friends that are online. It is much like instant messengers. There is also a video chat that allows one to communicate through a device that has video capabilities.

Why can my sound not reach to the person whom I am chatting with during video chat on Facebook?

You need a mic that can plug into your computer to video chat. The other answer is to see your friend on video chat while chatting with her

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