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To unlock the other cups in Mario Kart for the Wii, you must play the other cups, and in addition, you must win.

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Q: How do you unlock cups on mariokart wii?
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How do you unlock mii outfit A on mariokart wii?

you have to have gold in all the cups to unlock it :)

How do you unlock dry bowser on mariokart wii?

complete the top 4 cups in 150cc

How do you unlock bowser jr on mariokart wii?

You can unlock him by getting 1 star in all 100cc Retro Cups.

How do you get Rosealena on Mario Kart?

you cant unlock her in mariokart ds but on mariokart wii win all the mirror mode cups with gold

How do you unlock dry bowser in mariokart wii?

to unlock dry bowser, you need to get a one star rank or better in all 150cc Wii cups (all the cups on the top)

How do you unlock things on mariokart Wii?

Usually you have to do Grand Prix and do all the cups, or you have to do the Time Trials.

How do you unlock charactersvehicles on MarioKart Wii after getting gold in all the cups?

you have to do time trial races to unlock characters/vehicles

How do you unlock the cheep charger on Mariokart Wii?

Get 1 star rank or more in the 50cc reto cups

How can you play mirror cups in mariokart wii?

To get mirror cups in Mariokart Wii you willk have to complete all of the cups on all engune sizes

How do you get Maniac in Mariokart Wii?

There is no maniac in Mariokart Wii. Check out the characters that you can get by asking this question in the green tab: "What characters can you unlock in Mariokart?"

How do you unlock Bowser jr in mariokart wii?

You must get a one star rank or more in the 100cc Retro cups

How do you unlock bowserjr in mariokart wii?

You have to complete 100cc Retro cups. You also must have at least 1 star!

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