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Go to Settings>Music>Shake To Shuffle (OFF)

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Q: How do you switch off shake to shuffle on ipod touch?
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How do you do the hsk shuffle?

For an Ipod touch you shake it very haRD.

Can a iPod Classic 3rd generation shuffle songs?

Yes, shake the ipod to shuffle if you do not want these settings go to settings, music, then turn off shake to shuffle.

What is the difference between iPod Nano and iPod shuffle?

ipod nano is touch screen (if it is touch) and shuffle isnt. it only has buttons

Can you shake and shuffle your songs on iPod touch?

yes you can but only if update your ipod touch up to 3.0 which it just came out and costs $10. i got it too. its work really good.

Does an iPod shuffle use the same charger as an iPod touch?

no no no the iPod shuffle charger is too small

Will an iPod touch charger fit an iPod shuffle?


Will an iPod shuffle charger fit an iPod touch?


How much a discount can you get on an iPod touch if you trade in an iPod Shuffle?

well this depends where you got it from you probally need to get the ipod touch from the same place as the ipod shuffle for it to be any possibleor you could just sell the shuffle and then use the money to buy a touch

How do you switch from an iPod Shuffle to a different iPod to your same account?

just plug in ipod touch into youre computer and allow it to youre itunes account and it will put all the stuff on the ipod touch. Hope it helped (by Jamieson)

Which iPod can you shake to shuffle music?

The ipod nano without the video and the ipod nano with video.

Is an ipod shuffle touch screen?

No it isn't

How do you make your iPod shuffle not shuffle?

there is a switch on the top that you can slide back and forth to make it not shuffle.