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You could also email the photo with or without a message.

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Attach the photo to a text message

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Q: How do you send a photo from an iPhone to Android phone?
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Is there a way to send Android apps from a non Android phone to an Android phone?


Is their a way to send messages to people on Roblox from your phone?

This depends on what kind of phone you have. If you are talking about a regular cell-phone, no it is not possible. If you have a web-enabled phone such as an iPhone or Android phone, you can log on to the Roblox website and send messages to people as you normally would.

How do you send music from an Android phone to another Android phone?

Using your phone's bluetooth connection.

Can you text and twitter on the same cell phone?

All I know is that you can send text messages with an Android phone and get the Android App called "Twitter", and pretty much the same with iPhone, even though I am not fully aware of the apps available for the Blackberry smartphones.

How do you send pictures from your phone to Facebook?

You can connect your camera to your computer or an SD card. You can also upload a photo through your phone or iPod. On the iPhone/iPod click on the Photo option next to Status to take or upload; you also attach a photo when updating a status.

How do send or receive pictures on an Android phone?

you take a picture then you send it

How do you send music from an Android phone to another Android phone via sms?

You'll likely have to send it via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), and attach the music file in question. If the recipient is near you, you can also send it to them via Android Beam, or NFC (when your phone touches their phone, if their phone has the same capabilities).

Can you send pictures from a iPhone to another phone?


How do you take a photo from facebook and send it to your phone?

you dont

How do you send a photo on an iPad to someone's inbox on facebook?

Download Facebook messenger for iPhone

How can i print from my Android phone to a brothers mfc7860dw without online connection?

You can use the wireless feature to send your document to the Brothers MFC7860DW to print from your Android phone.

How do you send an email from your iPhone to another iPhone if you only know their phone number?

Text them the info