How do you refresh your Facebook page?

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How to refresh my facebook page

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Q: How do you refresh your Facebook page?
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What do you do if your Cafe World won't load on facebook?

Refresh the page.

How do i refresh Farmville?

You should not have to refresh it. It updates in real time.If you want to anyhow, either hit the Refresh icon in the browser, or go back to your Facebook Home page and work your way back in to Farmville.

Why does your facebook page keep scrolling back to the top?

Because of a page-refresh problem from facebooks side, they are forcing clientside crap on us To temporarily fix this, push ctrl+f5 to refresh the facebook-tab from facebook instead of refreshing it from your cashed browser memory (only works for a while until the bug hits again and you will have to reload again)

How you stop a page to refresh in ASPNet?

You can use ajax to prevent refresh the page

How do you restart games on Facebook?

Just refresh the webpage, and your game will start again, unless it stores information on your Facebook account, then you may need to remove its permissions on your page, or clear your data on your Facebook.

How do you refresh your page?

you refresh the page by pressing the f5 or by clicking the two little arrows

How do you refresh a page when its expired?


How was Facebook made?

The developers used PHP and also AJAX which allows real-time updating without having to refresh the page :)

How can you refresh Facebook?

Press the refresh button on your browser. Shortcut key : F5.

How do you refresh an internet page?

You press the refresh button. LoL

What does it mean to refresh a page?

When you refresh a page you are checking to see whether new updates have been made to that page. If you are using a PC, you can simply refresh by pressing CTRL and R together.

How do you unfreeze a webpage?

Refresh - either right-click then Refresh - or at top of page View / Refresh

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