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Go to your profile on facebook, and in the chat box, there should be a video camera and then click it. After that a box comes up and then hit browse and look for you video.

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Q: How do you put videos on facebook that are saved onto your computer?
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How do you get videos of my computer onto YouTube?

I have never seen or heard of anyone getting a video of youtube onto their COMPUTER but you can get the Embed Or Url And upload on Bebo Or Facebook

Is there a website to upload videos?

You can upload your videos onto youtube, if you have an account, or facebook, if you have an account.

How do you upload pictures and videos onto your computer from a 3DS?

you need to make sure that the pictures and videos are saved on the SD card. then take the SD card out of your 3DS and put it in into your computer. there you can see all the pictures and videos you took on your 3DS, both normal and 3D files.

Do you have to have a CD to put songs on your ipod?

If you have the songs or videos saved onto your computer you can import files through itunes. You do no have to have a CD to put your songs on your iPod, you just need them saved somewhere on your pc.

How do you put pictures from Facebook to MySpace?

Save the photo from Facebook onto your computer, then upload it onto MySpace.

How do you transfer a music video onto facebook?

This is how you get music videos to facebook. Go to the song you want, then click on share and click on facebook.

Can you sign onto Facebook on a computer and ipod?


How do you get videos that you took on your ipod onto your computer?

Connecting an iPod nano to a Mac will open iPhoto to add your videos to your computer from whence you can edit them or post them to YouTube or FaceBook etc. On a Windows based computer you will need some other photo/editing software. get the program "music rescue". it can rip music/videos off ipods

Can you put videos onto your iPod from your iPod?

no, only your computer

Can you put videos from your Ipod onto a computer?

Yes, you can upload your recorded videos using iTunes.

How do you log onto your facebook from another computer?

The procedure of logging on to Facebook is same for every system.

How do you convert videos from your phone onto the computer?

depends on the device :s