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you just walk in to it but you have to make sure that its in a clear space

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2010-03-12 00:28:42
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Q: How do you open the box portal in club penguin?
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Which box is Herbert's device in on Club Penguin?

it is in the box portal bottom left box

How do you get a portal box on Club Penguin?

you go to the iggy book and click the the purple couch

Is it true that if you buy an Orange Puffle you get a portal to the Box Dimension on Club Penguin?

No, it's a lie. the only way to get the portal to go to the Box Dimension is by buying it when it appears in the Furniture Catalog. Random Fact: The portal to go to the Box Dimension first appeared in Club Penguin in the April Fools party!

Where is Herbert's hidden surprise on Club Penguin?

For Field Op 33, in the box dimension. Get there from the box portal at the beach.

Where is the box portal next to the light house in club penguin?

It only works if club penguin is having the puffle party or you can get it in your igloo I don't know how to get the portal in you igloo how do you? I'm not a member but I get member stuff.

How do you open the big box on club penguin?


How do you open the party box on club penguin?

By clicking on it

Where is the box dimintion in club penguin?

you have to buy the portal or go to a igloo that has one or sometimes cp has partys and they put a portal somewhere

How do you solve this weeks mission on club penguin?

For field op No., 33, take a portal box at the beach to the box dimension.

Where do you find today's field op on club penguin?

For Field Op No. 33, take a portal box at the beach to the box dimension.

Can you do a no name glitch in Club Penguin?

Yes.Go in your iglooPlace a Portal Box where you wantClick on the portal box and QUICKLY press on the measuring tape and your penguin will be in the Box Dimension with no nameNOTE: This works in every room once you have done the glitch, to stop the glitch you need to either play a game, log off or open and close the measuring tape again.

How do get a portal box in Club Penguin in the June 2010 catalog?

I don't think you can. The portal box to the box demition usally onlt shows up during April fools. Sorry! But if you ever see a penguin named Greene1203 you can ask her to use her box demition! =D Hope I helped!

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