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you lie and say your an 8th grader and he will kiss you.Or you can just be a 7th grader and not try to be an 8th grader

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2012-01-23 23:52:11
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Q: How do you makeout with a eighth grader if I am a seventh grader?
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Will a seventh grader ever get with a eighth grader?

It depends but mostly............. YES.If you are a 7th grader talking for an 8th grader you are so dumb

Were do you find a 7th grade math workbook?

first find a seventh grader and if that doesn't work find a smart eighth grader

If you are a seventh grade girl and you like an eighth grader would it be weird if you asked him out?

No, if you and he have a connection, go for it!

Is it fine for a seventh grader boy to date an eighth grader girl?

"it depends on the maturity of the teens" We are both mature about it, and we both like each other a lot.

Is a 1620 a good SAT score for an eighth grader?

Yes, it is. To get into talent search camps and summer schools, the minumum for a seventh or eighth grader is about 1500. And that is for an exceptionally smart person. It is a pretty good SAT score, and in high school, it'll get higher.

Is it normal for a 5th grade girl to like a 6th grade boy?

Oh, yes. In fact, when I was in sixth grade, I had a huge crush on an eighth grader. I'm in seventh now, and my bff has a crush on an eighth grader (who likes her back, we think :D!!!!!!!!!)

What can a seventh grader do to get an eighth grader to notcie her?

Probably you guys won't have classes, so he probably hasn't noticed you yet. So the best thing is if you see him in the hall to talk to him about current events.

How good is a 257 map rit score for a seventh grader?

Umm really great! I'm in eighth grade & I got a 252! lol

How can a sixth grader impress an eighth grader?

just act like yourself when you see him smile and say hi, act like he is one of the seventh graders their is know way it could possibly be any different.

Can an eighth grader do powerlifting?

No of course not :)

How do you get this eighth grader to ask a 6th grader out and The eighth grader always hugs me everyday ALMOST EVERyday help mwe?

well try to tell the sixth grader that the 8th grader has a crush on them and then maybe if the 8th grader does something sweet the sixth grader will say yes

Should a seventh grader go out with a sixth grader?

If you like him/her then yes.

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