How do you make a laptop touch screen?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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You Can not make a regular laptop touch screen you have ti get a touch screen laptop. NO YOU CANT

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Q: How do you make a laptop touch screen?
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Will hp make a larger screen touchsmart laptop?

They used to make laptop that are 15' with touch screen. However, they stopped year or two ago. The laptop was called HP Pavilion DV6t Select Edition. It gives you option to add touch screen. Like I said, they removed that option. They still sell the laptop. But removed touch screen and backlit keyboard.

How can you make your HP laptop a touch screen?

There are add-on touch screens that can be attached to laptops. They fit over the screen and connect through USB. The touch screen acts like a mouse; it does not have multi-touch capability. The touch screen must be removed before you can close the laptop. They cost about $200.

How do you use computer screen as touch screen?

To use your computer screen as a touch screen, you screen must be touch capable. If your laptop did not come with a touch screen, you will have to buy a new laptop with touch screen capabilities. If your desktop monitor does not have touch-screen capabilites, you must buy a new touch capable monitor and connect it to your computer. You must also make sure that your computer is capable of processing touch gestures (anything after and including Windows XP, but no Mac).

Where can one purchase a laptop touch screen replacement online?

You can purchase a laptop touch screen replacement from any online electronics wholesale website. You may also find laptop touch screen replacements on Amazon.

How large of a touch screen laptop computer can you get?

It appears the largest touch screen laptop is 10.1. If you are really wanting to stick with a touch screen laptop there is the Dell Inspiron, which has the screen that you can tilt for more comfort. If you are leaning toward a tablet there is the Motorola Xoom. Both are 10.1 touch screens.

Is there a timeline of the invention of touch screen laptop?


Is the laptop touch reliable for imputing information?

For the most part, the laptop touch has features that make it a reliable information input center. It has the touch screen that makes it convinient so that it would be less hassle to input the information to the laptop.

What exactly is a touch screen laptop computer?

A touch screen laptop allows someone to move the cursor around the screen without the aid of a mouse. One simply touches the screen to get the results they desire.

When was the first touch screen laptop invented?

in 1996

From which companies can a laptop with a touch screen be purchased?

Many companies are offering touch-screen laptop computers, for use with the touch screen capability of Microsoft Windows 8. These companies include Google, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Acer.

What are the names of some companies that make touch screen laptops?

Touch screen laptops are the next big thing in home electronics. The combination of laptop and touch screen can be very useful. Dell is the biggest and most famous supplier of the new models.

Would you recommend a touch laptop?

Well, depending on what you plan to use your laptop for, the touch screen can be or might not be worth the extra cost. If you plan on using the touch screen a lot, then yes, you should consider investing you money.