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He tries to get in conversations with you.... IF he's not shy

He looks at you when you look away. and looks away when you look back

He can't look you in the eye.

He's really nice to you and he tries to sit next to you or be in your group. OR, if hee's shy he avoids you but when you guys DO talk he'll be nice, and try to keep the conversation going


1. When you look at him, he will look away

2. He'll put his head down when talking to you at times

3. He'll stutter, and have you make the "moves

Not Shy:

1. Will keep eye contact

2. If you think you have held eye contact for a fraction of a second longer he likes u

3. He will tell you he likes you himself

Hope this helps

Good Luck Carolina;)

Well with most guys they will make it clear to you some way, shape or form. Most will flirt with you, start talking to you alot, stare, smile, joke around, try to stay close to you, you might catch them looking away when you look at them. theres just so many ways for a guy to show he likes you but more then likely you'll be able to catch his hint. Not all guys will show they like a girl tho, some can be very shy about it, in fact they might even act the opposite way like they cant stand you (but usually only if there real young and dont know how to express there feelings yet) if youre wondering if he likes you then just flirt a little and more then likely he'll flirt back.

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Q: How do you know when a guy likes you?
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