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eh hem, no it isnt. it is when he is avoiding you and comes home late, or tries not totalk to you, actas very weird around you. and also you can find out if hes cheating with one of your friends if he acts weird around her too, or she acts weird around you. (thats a better answer than what someone put when he says hi, and doesnt want to talk)

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โˆ™ 2011-10-11 20:17:29
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Q: How do you know if hes cheating?
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How do you when a guy is cheating on you?

hes out late, he stutters when you ask if hes cheating or where hes been...

What are the signs of your boyfriend cheating?

if hes acting weird you'll know

Who sang baby you know hes been a cheating but what do you do?

Lesley Gore

What do i do if my boyfriend does not want anyone to know that we are in a relaotionship?

dump him! hes not worth it and is probably cheating on you

Who sang the Motown song with the lyrics maybe I know that hes been a cheating?

Lesley Gore

Is your boyfriend gay and cheating on you with other menhow to prove this?

well if you wanna know if hes gay ask him if he likes Barbra Walters! and about the cheating ask him if he has any friends in San Francisco then youl know

If a man talks to his ex girl friends does that menn hes cheating?

a man can talk to his ex just like he can with a mate so no hes not cheating even if he still has feelings for u men dont always cheat on girls u know.

My boy friend always asking me if im cheating why do i do?

if my bf was cheating i would dump his sorry butt. if hes 2 stupid 2 know that ur the best its his lost.

Cheating boyfriend how would you know?

if he went out almost every night or you secretly follow him and see what hes up too

How do i know if a man is cheating on me?

well he says hes too busy for you right now or he doesn't answer when you call or maybe if he starts to ignore you and leaves you know!

How do you know hes cheating on you?

Ask him the following... ' 1.) wanna go to sonic? 2.) are you tired? 3.) are you a man? If he replys YES to ANY of these questions, he IS cheating. Alec untreuer is gaye

Should you stay with your boyfriend if hes cheating on you?

That depends. How big is his man member, if you know what I mean ;) ;) ;) Seriously though, send pics.

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