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if she doesn't want to don't make her

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Q: How do you get your girlfriend to touch your penis?
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Why won't my girlfriend touch my penis She touched it when we where kissing and asked what it was so I said it's my penis and she was fine with that But after that she won't touch it?

Your girlfriend might enjoy touching you there when she isn't asked to. But when you ask her to touch it she might feel forced to do so. Basically you should let her get warmed up to touching it when she feels like it.

How can you tell your girlfriend of 6 months you want her to touch your penis for the first time?

you say," let's have some sex,babes'.

What does it mean if your girlfriend puts her hands down the back of you pants?

Shes weird if she was normal she would touch your penis in the FRONT of your pants

I am 13 and my girlfriend touched your penis it alright?

its alright just dont let her touch you too much hey wanna make out with me? haha

What are the symptoms of a weak penis?

When your girlfriend tells you "You have a weak penis" or "Your penis is weak"

How can i make my girlfriend like my penis?

You have to let your girlfriend get used to your penis, let her see it and play with it however and whenever she wants. Sometimes you might try waking her up in the morning by holding her and letting her feel your erection against her. If she is going to perrform oral sex you might gently rub your penis on her cheeks or playfully touch her nose with it. And always be sure to keep your penis clean.

Is it normal for your girlfriend to have a penis?

maybe not...:)

What you do if some one touch your penis?

You ejaculate if they touch it enough?!

Should i touch my penis?


Why does my girlfriend not have a penis?

A female does not have a penis. Only a male has a penis.

What feels when a woman touch a penis?

Same thing you feel when you touch it.

Penis hard only for your girlfriend?


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