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Whatever you do, clean your teeth first.

ANSWERThink about it, if you can't get the courage to kiss the girl, you never will so dont think, just do it, have fun with it.

Good places to meet her and kiss her:

1.The mall, you will be exposed and people will think you're a couple and if she didn't want to kiss you, then she can't get all worked up in front of everyone.

2. Her/your bedroom, you'll be alone and if she wanted to kiss you passionately, you'll have a bed to make out on.

3. A changing room at a shop, you'll be alone and you can do whatever and no one will see.

4. after "hanging out" (better at night) her front porch when bringing her home

5. Anywhere is good.

Answer:If you know the girl and you know she wants you to kiss her but you just dont have the courage worked up, set up a scenario, move in close and DONT THINK ABOUT IT, JUST DO IT.

1. It matters if you are friends with this girl, because sometimes when you break the news to her that you like her she might be kind of angry so if you love your best friend you are pretty screwed BUT it never hurts to ask.

2. If you meet a girl at the mall and you ask her out and she says's yes thats a good sign that you turn her on, remember girls want to kiss boys too. After maybe an hour ask her if she wants anything to eat, drink, and whatever but make it involve having to sit down with her, remember you have to wait an hour, if you don't she might think your desperate. While you are sitting down ask her if "You want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss you if she says "NO" then play it cool, don't worry. Like I said it never hurts to ask.

Here's how it went down for me. I really liked this girl but I knew she would never date me AND I knew she wasn't big on kissing (nor would she ever kiss me). We were cuddling and I REALLY wanted to kiss her. I had to take in the can before we left so while I was doing that I was debating if I should kiss her or now. I didn't want to harm our friendship. When I got back we went back to flirting around and holding hands. Finally we were leaving to go out to Fear Farm. There were more people there, including friends. Well I had to break away real quick to do something (yet I don't remember what that was). And off pure reaction and no thought, I gave her a kiss on the cheek quickly before I left. When I got back she was nice about it (like super nice). We never dated and I never kissed her since. We're still close friends and I can flirt with her should we be together.

You should develop a good relationship with a girl before you kiss her on the lips. It's true that we girls want to kiss you guys too, but not until we know you a little bit. Lean in towards her lips a little, make sure she is looking, if she backs away just stop there. If she looks up at you(or down if you are short)and leans in a little too, you are on the home free, just go ahead and kiss her. No tongue until you have kissed regularly a couple times. Just remember, we are just as nervous as you about kissing!

Just do it slowly, and secretively, like at the movies, kiss her on the hand while you are holding hands, then see what she does, follow what she does, then kiss her on the cheak see what she does, then if she likes it, and you can tell, go in for the lips.

Whatever you do, do not have your first kiss, at least, with all your friends around. The girl will get nervous and won't want to.

Find a place where you can be alone and no one will bother you for instance like at the movies or in your bedroom or maybe even in the car. The first thing you want to do is lean towards her but make sure that she likes you first because if she doesnt then she will just reject you. You have to be brave and put your fear behind you. If the girl likes you she will notice that you are coming in for a kiss and she will do the same as you and just be brave about it!!

Answer (sort of)

I''m amazed at the sheer amount of words written on this subject, so I'm gonna keep it simple: There is no "Courage-R-Us". Dig down deep into your very being and go for it. But make sure it's the right girl first.


It depends weather your a lesbian or straight or gay

lesbian: If you have a gf but your afaid of kissing her then tell her in a quite jokey way then she will realise you want to kiss her but not sure if she will want to kiss you. If she does she will lean in for the kiss

Straight: If your a guy with a gf dont be scared just start talking about something you both really like. She will then have a newfound respect for you.

Gay:: If you have a bf than make sure he is your correct dissision if he loves you and you love him it shouldnt be a problem just edge closer and then kiss him not tongues first because he will think your desperate

ANSWER: I was nervous my first time. Go to the movies. That is the easiest place.

you should make the move... but make sure she's into you too:) and its really not that hard dont be too nervous


First off plan the perfect date based on the girls personality E.I. Movies for the Moviegoer Sports game for the Athletic Or Mall for the Shop till you drop kind. Then when she is least expecting it just kiss her E.I. When she is paying attention to the movie or her fav Sport team or Looking at that new Micheal Kors Stuff. She is Bound to either kiss you back or Reject you completely.

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Q: How do you get the courage to kiss a girl?
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