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Yes! YouTube at school!

In the majority of schools YouTube is blocked, unless someone smart gets pass it and it could be done, but we are not allowed to tell you how to get pass school blocks.

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Q: How do you get past the firewall at school for YouTube?
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How do you get past Nebo school district to get to youtube?

Ask Micheal Rowley.

How do you get past firewall?

Use a proxy server

How does a proxy avoidance site work?

A site used to get around a firewall at work or school works by encoding the URL into a hash. This hash is read by the firewall as a random string of letters and numbers, so it is not caught by a filter looking for "Youtube", "Myspace", or "Movies".

How do you get on YouTube on school?

Type in google - Youtube

How do you get past skullduggery on poptropica?


How do you turn off school firewall?

You cannot turn off the school firewall. It is something that only be done by the administrator or if you have the administrator's password.

How do you get YouTube in school new?

go to youtube on the computer

How do you get onto Facebook in school?

If your school has a firewall or blocking software you can't.

Why is YouTube blocked at my school?

Because there are curses on there. but if you visit you can get on games and youtube at school FREE

Why do I get the error 'YouTube proxy server is refusing connections'?

So you have firewall or a proxy try disabling it

How can i get on youtube on a school computer?

You cannot. The school has blocked it.

Can you get on YouTube in school?

Most schools have blocks on sites that they do not want students to use at school and YouTube is often one of them.