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You have to convert your videos first.

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Q: How do you get an MP4 video to play on your iPod Nano Gen 3?
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How do you get an MP4 video to play on your iPod Nano Gen 2?

The iPod nano 2nd Generation is not capable of playing video. The first iPod nano that was video capable was the 3rd Generation iPod nano.

Does the iPod Nano 6 gen play video?


Can 1st gen iPod Nano play podcasts?


How do you know if your ipod nano is a 4 gen or 5 gen?

the 5th gen has a video camera on the back. and the 4th gen dosent.

Can you use an adapter from a 2nd gen nano iPod on a 4th gen nano iPod?

yes, you can

Can the iPod Nano 6th gen play music without headphones?


Can you put movies on a regular ipodnot a touch?

only the iPod Video (5+gen) and Nano (3+gen)

IPod nano second gen?

an iPod nano 2nd gen can play music, play games, its go a whole heap of extras,upload and look at pics and vidios from you computer on to the iPod, and a wole heap of other stuff

Who invented the iPod Nano third generation?

Anthony wall created the ipod nano 3rd generation Anthony wall invented the ipod nano 3rd gen. Anthony wall invented the ipod nano 3rd gen. Anthony wall invented the ipod nano 3rd gen.

How do you put videos on a second generation ipod nano?

You can't. The 1st and 2nd generation iPod nanos won't play videos, only the new 3rd generation iPod nano will play video That previous answer is true for the 2nd gen iPod Nano, but for the 1st gen iPod Nano there are two available programs that you can use. iPod Linux ( or Rock Box ( both enable you to play both Videos and Games on the 1st generation iPod Nano. Just take heed that it can mess up your iPod if you don't know what you're doing, though that can be fixed by going into iTunes and restoring it. Unfortunately the community who helped make iPod Linux & Rock Box have yet to work on the 2nd Generation iPod Nano. Sorry I couldn't help you much for getting videos on the 2nd Gen. iPod Nano, but this should help those who have the 1st gen.

Which iPod is coming out after the iPod chromatic and when?

Well, after the nano chromatic (Nano 4th gen) the shuffle 3rd gen was released. It is speculated that the next iPod will be an iPod touch/ iPhone 3rd gen coming out late June or July. ~Griffin There is the chromatic ( Nano 4th gen) and there is a ipod touch, iphone, and the new ipod nano th generation with a camera.

Does the ipod nano 6th gen play apps?

ipod nanoipod nanos can't get any apps but they can get games.