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Some very new phones have a small reserve battery that you can activate by calling your carrier. Then they activate the ring function for a bit until the battery dies. Then you have to look for it with no help.


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Q: How do you find your cell phone in your house when it is dead?
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How do you find your dead cell phone?

retrace your steps or look every were in your house car or friends

What do you do if you cant find your cell but you know its in your home?

you should call your cell from your house phone or a friends phone.

How do you find a cell phone lost in your house?

call it using another phone

How do you find a dead phone in your house?

retrace your footsteps and ask friends if you left it at there house.

How do you find a phone that has been missing for 6 days?

If it is a cell phone and it's turned off on vibrate or dead then try thinking where the last place you saw it. Where it could of fallen? Or if it is a house phone they call it. Can't remember your number then call the phone company and ask for it or ask them to cancel your service until you find it. That way your not paying for a phone you can't even use.

Find cell phone location now?

Find cell phone location now

How can you find your phone when its dead?

To find your phone when it is dead, you need to talk to your subscriber who will help you trace using your phone's IMEI.

Where do you find your lost dead cell phone in your house?

honestly i have looked and looked through all my cluttered stuff and traced back my steps and everything i tried calling it but it went directly to voice mail what do i do?

Who can help you find a good cell phone plan?

The best cell phone provider such as the AT&T can help you find a good cell phone plan.

Why keep a home telephone when you have a cell phone?

Well, if you are out somewhere, its good to have a home telephone so if you have someone watching the house, you can talk to them. Also, if you lost your cell phone, you can dial your cell phones number on your home phone and find it by its ring tone.

how do i find a cell number through tract phone?

how do i find a cell number through tract phone

How do you find your dead phone?