How do you enter phone numbers on a phone?

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2017-01-10 17:13:15

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You go to keypad and type it in.

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2017-01-10 17:13:15
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Q: How do you enter phone numbers on a phone?
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Where can I get free phone numbers?

If you are interested in getting a new phone number, go to This Website gives you numerous phone numbers to choose from. Simply enter your details and choose from the list of phone numbers.

What is touch phone?

Originally to use a phone you had to enter the numbers using a rotary dial. Then with digital phones, it became possible to enter numbers using buttons. These button phones were called "touch" phones.

How do you block a mobile phone?

Enter random numbers at the PIN screen till it's blocked

How do you dial numbers on grand theft auto iv phone for the PS3?

Press UP on the D-PAD to bring up your phone and press again for the keypad, then press X to enter numbers

How do you dial words on the phone in gta 4?

Not possible. However, if you are talking about entering cheats, you enter numbers instead.

How Enter phone numbers in a cell phone?

Step 1: Go to contacts. Step 2: Hit options. Step 3: Hit New Contact. Step 4: Enter number and Name. You're Done!

Why won't it let the person enter numbers numbers on the phone on grand theft auto Iv?

u can idiots just press up than x

How do you program numbers into a Telus Migo?

Press yes twice Press 3 Enter your passcode (usually 2431) enter location (1,2,3, or 4) Enter the phone number press yes enter the name press yes.

What are the four kind of data you can enter in a worksheet?

numbers, text, images, and imbedded objectsUtilities, repairs, phone bills, etc.

How do you block phone numbers?

With call screening you can not just block phone numbers but also vanity 800 numbers or toll free phone numbers.

How do you put in numbers for grand theft auto iv?

If you are talking about putting cheat codes into Niko's phone: Enter cheats during normal gameplay. Find the cheat you want to enter, activate Niko's cell phone and put in the numbers using the directional buttons. When the cheat is entered a message will be seen saying "Cheat Activated".

How do you activate a cheat on grand theft auto episodes from Liberty City?

brin up your phone and go to cheats then you will find your cheat you can enter a cheat by putting in the right numbers on your phone

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