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Well there is always the option of drinking it straight. Most absinthe drinkers pour about 1 ounce of absinthe in a glass and place a specially slotted spoon called an absinthe spoon on top of it and place between 1-3 sugar cubes on it [sugar is optional its just personal preference] Then you slowly SLOWLY pour ice cold water onto the cubes to dissolve them and the water drips into the absinthe, the absinthe will turn a milky white color, known as louching. Usually it is mixed about 3 parts water to 1 part absinthe, some do 5 parts water to 1 absinthe.

Alternatively, the bohemian method to disolve sugar you pour your one ounce of absinthe over the sugar cube and then light it on fire. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE A SILVER OR GOLD ABSINTHE SPOON IT WILL DAMAGE THE SPOON!! STAINLESS STEEL IS BEST FOR THIS METHOD. After the sugar is caramelized, drop it into the absinthe and mix it with the spoon, then add the water.

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Q: How do you drink absinthe?
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