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i donno go to Google and type want a virus on computer

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Q: How do you download a virus to crash your computer files?
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How do you download a virus to crash your files on the computer?

There are several ways to download a virus. One method is to download the sharing program known as "Limewire", and then download a executable file from there, which have a high likelihood of being a virus.

What cause files not to download?

Sometimes it is because of a bug or virus in the file and your computer will not download it

What does this error message mean wildtawcdacdaengdll when starting up your computer?

You got a virus. And it is deleting important files on your computer. Be careful your computer may crash. Run your virus checker if you don't have one go to and download AVG anti - virus remover it's free and it work great.

Why does my computer crash when I download a torrent?

Because you probably have a virus/spyware/malware on your machine.

What are the consequences if download files from the internet to your computer?

You might download a virus and put your computer and other at risk, always check if the download site is trustworthy.

How do you stop a virus affecting a computer?

try not to download files that might be unsafe and use an antivirus to scan your computer

What is a computer virus and how might you get one?

A computer virus is something that may damage or delete files off your computer. it only comes when you download or open an attachment that you dont know.

When virus enter in our computer?

Viruses enter your computer when you enter an unsafe website or download files that contain viruses from the Internet

What are the Ghetto Media Files?

The Ghetto Media Files are the trash files that help with viruses. They are like an open gate to a virus. They are bad but if you do not have them, your computer would shut down by itself. They are there for a reason and if you download files to them a virus will attach to your computer. Some Viruses are The Ropetelka Virus, The Kindle Yah Vrius, The Ponderwonder Virus, The Opalgogue Virus, The Fish n' Hook Virus, The Yankee Rock Virus, and The Google Informat Virus.

What is the most abundant computer virus?

Well you get a virus if u download INCREDIMAIL that's a pretty bad one it'll crash ur PC down.

What causes computer to crash?

A virus.

How virus gets produced?

1.You access the infected website. 2. You download software from a bad website. 3. You get an email that has a itachment that contains a virus. 4.You copy files to your computer from the other Computer that has virus.