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Is it made for the Xbox 360? If so, you have to synchronize it to the xbox 360 to the guitar by pressing the xbox button on the guitar and the synchronize button underneath the memory card slots in front of your xbox 360.

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Q: How do you connect a wireless rock band guitar to a xbox360?
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Will the wireless Les Paul controller from Guitar Hero III work on Rock Band 2 for the xbox360?

Yes it will.

How do you connect a wireless guitar to rock band for wii?

A normal controller is placed inside the guitar. If your controller works so will your guitar

Will guitar hero ps3 version wireless guitar connect with ps2 version wireless remotes?

No. Only Rock Band 2 (and I think original Rock Band) controllers are compatible with PS2 and PS3.

Why the rock band mic is not working in xbox360?

you need to connect the xbox360 controoler.

Is there a wireless microphone for rock band on the 360?

You can use your Xbox360 Wireless headset to play!

Can you use rock band equipment with guitar hero xbox360?


Which is better Rock band or Guitar Hero for xbox360?

guitar hero will work better

Can you use a Guitar Hero World tour wireless guitar on rock band games?

not the wireless guitar but if it was wired than you can

Will rock band equipment work with guitar hero world tour for the xbox360?


Do you need a rock band guitar or can you use your band hero guitar?

It depends if you can connect it or not to your gaming system.

How do you hook up xbox360 live to broad band?

Either wireless(wifi) or wired (ethernet).

Will the wireless guitar for Rock Band 2 work with Rock Band 1?

Yes, it does