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From a cell phone you dial 64 then the cell phone number. If you are dialing from a landline, you dial 001164 then the number. 61 is the country code for Australia.

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Q: How do you cALL a new zealand cell phone from Australia?
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How do you call cell phone to cell phone US to New Zealand?

Your call will be almost like your typical international phone call, however a cell phone is slightly different. You will first need to dial the "+" symbol into the number. Depending on your phone, there will be different ways of doing this. After typing in the + you will need to enter the country code 64 (New Zealand), then area code, and then the phone number.

What is the cell phone system in New Zealand?

there is no cell phone made in nz.

What is a Cell Phone Photo call?

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How do you Make free call to Saudi Arab from Australia?

Get a cell phone with a good long distance plan.

How do you forward call to your cell phone from another cell phone?

If you have call forwarding you can do this. Ask your cell phone provider if this service is available.

Can you retieve last call phone number on a cell phone?

can you retrieve the last call phone number on a cell phone

How do you block call on cell phone?

it depends what cell phone

When you call 911 from your cell phone do the retrieve your cell number?

Yes, if you call they can track you're cell phone.

How do I call a tow truck from my cell phone?

You can use your cell phone to call a tow truck. If you have the service with your cell phone provider dial 611.

Can a cell phone by call forwarded to other persons cell phone?


How do you call a cell phone in New Zealand?

you dial the number and put ur ear to the speaker so you can hear what the other person is saying

Why did martin cooper call the cell phone cell phone?

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