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hit *67 before you you type the 1 (if cell phone), area code, and phone number.

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Q: How do you block your number when you call someone?
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How do you block the number?

When someone doesn't want to talk to you, he or she will block your number. You won't be able to call that person.

How do you block the cell number?

When someone doesn't want to talk to you, he or she will block your number. You won't be able to call that person.

How do you call someone without showing own number?

You can call someone without showing your own number by dialing star symbol67 before you dial the phone number you wish to call. this blocks your number just on this call, not permanently. If you want to block your number permanently go into your phone's menu settings and look for the option to block your number.

Block a phone number?

In order to block your phone number when dialing out, you must first press *67, and then dial the number. This allows you to call someone without your phone number being available to the person you are calling.

Is there an app that changes your name when you call someone?

you can dial *67 before the number to block your name from showing up

Is there a way to see who calls you?

You can subscribe to call display in which shows the number and sometimes name of the person calling. You can also get call privacy in which if someone tries to block their number from you in order to continue a call to you to get through they have to reveal their number to be shown to you.

Can you block private phone numbers?

No, just not answer the phone when someone call you on private.But you can block a number if it shows up on your phone.Example:say if your ex boyfriend or a ex girlfriend call you. you can block him from calling you on your cell phone if you dont want to talk to that person no more.

How do you block or make your number private when calling someone?

When you want your number to come up as private when you call them, you dial *67 before the actual number.

What do you do when your abuser calls you on the phone?

Call the authorities ASAP and report him/her if possible change your number and DO NOT GIVE IT OUT TO ANYONE, put a block on your phone so no one can read your number if you decide to call someone.

What is the number to block?

I'm guessing you mean block your number when you call and that's *67 in the US.

How do you block your number when trying to call someone?

If it comes to making your number as restricted then you must look it up according to your state, when it comes to NJ it would have to be *67.

How can you block your number on outgoing calls?

For privacy reasons you can call someone but they cant call u back and how u do it is dial *67 then dial the number for example if the number is 555-555-5555 to block your outgoing call u would dial *67555-555-5555. ** this is good for pranks and businesses to not play phone tag with u**