How do teenage guys flirt?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Id say it depends on the guy like a nerdy guy would flirt differently from a ladies man

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Q: How do teenage guys flirt?
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Related questions

Why girls flirt?

girls flirt to get a guys attention

When do guys flirt with you?

guys will flirt with you when they first meet you and want to get your number or get your attention............or when they want something

Guys flirt while texting?

yeah! guys txt-flirt ALL O' the TIME

Do girls or guys flirt more?

Def. guys.!

Who flirts more teenage boys or teenage girls?

teenage girls defiantly! Teenage girls are more serious about boys and relationships, also they are to scared to ask for them self so they flirt as a sort of hint! xx the guys are not as flirty because they are bad at it. lol. teenage girls CAN NOT ask a guy out its too uncomfortable.Hope i have been helpful xx :D

When a guys a flirt is he always a flirt?

It's too difficult to answer this question. It sometimes depends on the guy. Some guys flirt with everyone. Some guys flirt only with the girls they like.The nature changes when these guys enter a relationship. They might stop flirting and develop some other characteristics.

Why older guys flirt with me?

Guys (of any age) flirt with people they find attractive and want to know if there is mutual interest.

How do ugly guys flirt?

Yes..They Do..Ugly Guys Can Have Fun 2

Why do guys flirt with girls and nevr mention their girlfriends?

Because some guys are like this and believe in cheating and that it is ok to flirt and look but not touch

Why do girls flirt boys?

Girls flirt with boys because they like them. They feel that if they flirt with the guys then they will start to like them. I flirt with guys to give them signs that i like them or want them to come and talk to me:) - hopefully this helped