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Tell him that you find him cute and all. Send some kissing smiley. Then propose him over the internet. He will be flattered.

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Q: How can you tell a guy you like him over Internet?
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How can you tell if a guy likes you over the internet?

you cant.

How do you say hi to a guy over the internet?

to be honest i think a casual "hey" would be best if you like this guy, if its someone you've never met ask them who it is and then do whatever your instincts tell you.

Can you tell a guy you like over the phone?

Of course! There's no rule about telling a guy you like over the phone. Mac

How do you tell a guy you don't really know that you like him?

well you sit him down (DON'T DO IT OVER THE INTERNET, PHONE....ECT...) and tell him the truth.. that's a start. then you could tell him your just not ready for anything and tell him you guys can be friends for now and see where that takes you.

What do you do if the guy you love says he likes you over text?

Tell Him you like him too.

I'm to shy to tell this guy you like him what do you do?

Get over your shyness and just go up and tell him straight out. Surely you don't expect someone else to do this for you? If you really like this guy, then you are the only one who can tell him that.

How do you tell a funny cute smart sporty guy that you like him?

you say something from your heart. Don't use the internet.

What do I do this guy like me but I don't like him but he keeps asking me out and I have told him no twice?

tell him hes a nerd and to get over you

When a guy tells you he likes you but he cant tell you why he like you?

Because he cant get over his pride .

How do you know when a Scorpio guy is falling in love over internet?

when he ask questions like the followingdo you have a boyfriend/girlfriendwhat do you like in a guy/girldo you think i like youdo you like meAnswerYou cannot possibly know if someone is falling in love with you over the internet. There has to be some personal interaction to know this sort of thing.

How do you tell a guy its over?

when your alone or somewhere private just tell him the truth and say why you want to stop the relationship. If you still like the guy and want to be friends then tell him that but if he reacts badly just give him some time to get over it and try acting more like friends again.

How do you tell your guy you madly love him?

You can tell him by giving him hints like sweet smiles and tiny winks. Then when you build up courage tell him or if you don't have enough tell him on the internet(Hotmail, MSN) :) x