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You can't make them be on there. They go on there by themselves. I don't know why thee faces aren't showing up on yours, but maybe it will take some time for them to start showing up. Good Luck! :)

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โˆ™ 2011-06-29 17:16:22
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Q: How can you make the faces on the facebook chat box?
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How do you make a 42 in a red box on facebook chat?

Type in :42: and it shows up :)

How do you make a robot on Facebook chat?

:l] Those are the characters for the robot emoticon, enter that into the chat box and press enter to send it. See the related links for a complete list of facebook chat emoticon.

When you go to My account on facebook and it says deactivate will that make my chat box come back up?


How do you make the like sign from facebook in the chat box?

Its almost like a sign for the chat but you use it like this (y) this only works in chat and they cant click it.

How do you delete old online chat on Facebook?

there will be written "clear chat history" on the top of the box of chat.........

Where is the chat box on It Girl on Facebook?

There is no chat box, since you can not talk to another It Girl while you are logged into your account. Your avatar will start conversing with others when you log off. However, you can chat to a Facebook friend with Facebook Chat, as long as full-screen mode for It Girl is turned off.

Can not see chat box of Facebook?

Sorry, but that's not a question.

How do you enable facebook chat?

Once you are logged into facebook just click on the chat box bar available on the bottom right corner of the web page. And by default you are online for chat.

How do you make all the Facebook faces on Facebook chat?

:) Smile :( Frown >:o XD face >:( X( face 3:) Devil O:) Angel :42: 42 in a red box :|] Robot :* Kissy face :putnam: "Bieber" who is actually Putnam (^^^) Shark <(") Penguin <3 Heart

How do you clear your chat box on Facebook?

There is an exit on the side of the box and it only show when your mouse is on it and then click it.

How do you make a giraffe on facebook?

All you have to do is log onto Facebook chat and copy & paste this into your text box! /)ii/) (o '' o) | | | ♥| ,, | |______ | ♥ ♥ | |♥ __♥_ |

How do you close the chat box on Facebook when your on your ipod touch?

Hold down the person you want to close the chat with and then slide it to he right

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