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Q: How can you check the balance on a prepaid phone card?
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Where can you find out how to check the balance of a prepaid credit card?

You should have a number or website that you can check your prepaid card balance. It also depends on what prepaid card you have. For example, if you have a Prepaid Visa card, you can opt to have your balance sent to your cell phone or e-mail address. If you don't have a prepaid Visa, then I'd suggest checking the back of your card for a phone number or website you could visit to view your balance. Hope this helps!

How do you check balance on prepaid card?

Look on the back of the card. There should be a web address or toll free phone number to get the balance.

Where would one find the balance on a Vanilla gift card?

On the Vanilla Prepaid Master Card site there is a spot at the top of the page to enter your card number and check your balance. You can also call their phone number 1.800.652.9174 and check your balance that way as well.

Can a prepaid phone card be used from a cell phone?

It depends if the cell phone is a prepaid phone with the same carrier as the card provider. If the answer is no, then my answer is no.

Does pos on a check card give you a credit balance?

No. You can call up phone banking or use your card at an ATM to check the balance.

Can you bay prepaid phone card and where?

To buy your prepaid phone card, it is available at any mobile phone shops around your place.

Do you need a prepaid phone to use a prepaid SIM card?


How can you check credit card balance?

Contact the card company - either by phone or on-line !

Can you check your Pennsylvania's EBT card balance by phone?

Yes you can check your PA EBT balance by telephone using the number listed on the back of your Access card.

Can you put a prepaid sim card in a contract phone and it will be prepaid?

Yes you can. . . .for example you can put a at&t prepaid go phone SIM into an at&t contract phone and it will still be prepaid.

How can I check my food stamp balance?

You can check your food stamp balance by calling the phone number on the back of your card and then entering your card number. Another option is checking your balance online.

How do you check sms balance in aircel prepaid?

One can call in and check, go to the booth or store and ask to print out a statement, or one could go online and log in to check your balance that is left on the card.

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